The Features of Seat X for Fans & Clubs

Features for Fans

Here are the features for the fans


Fairness Able to see what you are buying

Able to make a judgement on the value for money


Information Able to see what how other people rate it

You can gather information about the seat before purchase


More  More aspects for fans

There are a few more aspects which as the app is developed, can be incorporated

Features for Clubs

Here are the features for clubs


Feedback A direct feedback from your visitors

Able to see what the fans think of your venue and how you are able to improve the experience


Communication A direct communication to your visitors

Ability to communicate with your visitors directly


More More aspects to come

There are more aspects to incorporate, depending on the wish of the venue or club. These will be revealed at a later time



Who this platform is for

This platform can be used for sports venues/ clubs in all kinds of sport from football (soccer) to baseball, icehockey, basketball and many more. In addition it can also be use for cultural venues such as theatres or concert venues.